All Submission Deadlines Have Passed

The Program Committee is especially interested in proposals on the topics of:

  • Intervention research for prevention of suicidal behavior
  • Clinical and neurocognitive studies of suicidal behavior
  • Genetic, epigenetic and gene expression contributors to suicide risk
  • Neurobiological underpinnings of suicidal behavior
  • Testing the effectiveness of prevention strategies
  • Ethical and methodological challenges and solutions in suicide research
  • Clinical phenotyping of suicidal individuals
  • Novel monitoring strategies for detecting changes in risk over time

2015 Submission Categories and Deadlines:

Symposia Proposals: This session includes a session chair, up to 4 speakers and an optional discussant/moderator.  The title field is limited to 200 characters including spaces.  The overall abstract and each presenters’ abstract is limited to 3200 characters including spaces.  DEADLINE:  MARCH 1, 2015

Individual Paper Presentations:  Single research presentations lasting 10 minutes with 5 minutes for Q&A and discussion.  Research reports will be grouped into sessions based on similar topics.  The abstract should be divided into the following 4 sections:  Background, Methods, Results and Discussion.  Each section is limited to 1250 characters including spaces.   DEADLINE:  MAY 4, 2015

Posters: Abstract for poster presentation.  DEADLINE:  MAY 4, 2015


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