Mentor Program

Early Career Researcher Mentor Program

We are delighted to be including a special Early Career Researchers (ECR) forum within the IASR-AFSP Summit schedule.  The ECR forum was one of the most talked about aspects of the 2015 program and we are excited to offer it again to those that wish to participate!

Inaugurated at the previous IASR meeting, the forum pairs ECRs with established senior investigators based upon their shared research interests. In addition to being a memorable networking opportunity, mentors and mentees will meet at a special breakfast during the conference.  Last year’s breakfast included a talk from Professor Matthew Nock and an Editor’s Roundtable session with contributions from Drs. Barbara Stanley, Maria Oquendo, and Thomas Joiner.

If you are an Early Career Researcher (such as a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, resident or junior faculty) you are encouraged to sign up to participate.  If you are a more senior researcher, we encourage you to sign up below to serve as a Mentor during the Summit.

Please check back for more information on how to participate!